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About the Atomic Hypothesis

Richard Feynman said:

If in some cataclysm, all of scientific knowledge were to be destroyed, and only one sentence passed on to the next generations of creatures, what statement would contain the most information in the fewest words? I believe it is the atomic hypothesis (or the atomic fact, or whatever you wish to call it) that all things are made of atoms--little particles that move around in perpetual motion, attracting each other when they are a little distance apart, but repelling upon being squeezed into one another. In that one sentence, you will see, there is an enormous amount of information about the world, if just a little imagination and thinking are applied.

My Research

Through a better understanding of atomic interactions, we hope to enable, to motivate, and to build a better understanding of the world around us as a quantum system of many atoms.

In other words, we are trying to further substantiate the atomic hypothesis, making it a basis for many more predictions than currently possible.

Thanks to NSF for financial support. Thanks to my teachers, my students and collaborators. Thanks to all people who have appreciated and have supported my work.

Recent Highlights

Indirect contribution in three-body recombination:

Experimental realization and theoretical description of d-wave coupling in atomic interactions:

The first two-scale analytic solution of a Schrödinger equation:

Atomic interaction in the presence of synthetic spin-orbit coupling (a special case of a gauge field):

On reactions and inelastic processes:

  1. Bo Gao, "Quantum Langevin model for exoergic ion-molecule reactions and inelastic processes", Physical Review A, 83, 062712 (2011). PDF
  2. Bo Gao, "Universal model for exoergic bimolecular reactions and inelastic processes", Physical Review Letters, 105, 263203 (2010). PDF

On the analytic description of atomic interaction at ultracold temperatures:

  1. B. Gao, "Analytic description of atomic interaction at ultracold temperatures. II. Scattering around a magnetic Feshbach resonance", Physical Review A 84, 022706 (2011). PDF
  2. B. Gao, "Analytic description of atomic interaction at ultracold temperatures: the case of a single channel", Physical Review A 80, 012702 (2009). PDF


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Graduate Quantum Mechanics (2018-19)

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